Prominently situated on the Tarneit and Kenning Roads intersection, The Sheds will be seen by
26,000 vehicles each day.

The well-connected site is also close to the Boundary Road employment corridor — anticipated to welcome 4,500 employees — as well as a designated Principal Public Transport Network that runs along Tarneit Road.

Tarneit’s major rail interchange is less than 3km from The Sheds and a Tarneit West Station is also under consideration.

The City of Wyndham is one of Victoria’s strongest urban growth areas and encompasses large areas of land designated for residential housing. Young families, professionals and retirees are all drawn to an attractive mix of lifestyle, employment and education options.

Over the last few years, Wyndham’s population has grown by 120,000 people and is now home to 295,000 residents. Population projections forecast that this figure will rise to 423,000 by 2033 — a 43 per cent increase on today’s numbers.

26,000 vehicles
passing daily

1km to proposed
new highway

Located on the
designated principle
public transport network

3km to rail


City of Wyndham
population forecast
to increase by 43%
by 2033

Catchment population
forecast to increase by
67% by 2033

4 new primary schools +
1 new secondary school
to be delivered

2,939 new residential
lots in the immediate
surrounding area

Primary Catchment
Secondary Catchment South
Secondary Catchment East

Future Population

Melbourne’s western corridor is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. The City of Wyndham’s growth has been rapid, and forecasts indicate the population will be in excess of 330,000 by 2031. Tarneit is one of the most rapidly evolving suburbs within the City; it is home to 20 new housing estates, with other developments soon to be announced.

A residential population of around 2,500 people were living with the catchment in 2021. This figure is expected to grow quickly as estates are completed.

Development is anticipated to peak around 2024; the catchment population is expected to reach 17,526 people by 2025 and exceed 25,000 by 2029.

The mix of stores within The Sheds will be selected to respond to demographic needs, particularly in terms of meeting local preferences for speciality ingredients and fresh food.